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How Logic achieved an 86% same-day close rate with Thread


Torrance, California


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Learn how Logic enabled real-time collaboration between technicians and end users while streamlining their entire ticketing process.

  • 86% same-day close rate
  • 12% increase in efficiency
  • 65% improved time to response
  • 132% return-on-investment  

“Thread does what it’s supposed to do exceptionally well: it gives end users a real-time opportunity to speak with techs and get help. It also gives techs the chance to work in real-time with users to resolve problems.” – Yohan Ruparatne, Founder and President at Logic



Logic Technology Consulting Group is an MSP from Torrance, California, that focuses on deep problem-solving and building long-term client relationships. They support over 75 clients ranging from nonprofits to architecture firms to engineering companies. 


Logic wanted to integrate chat into their client support

Logic always wants to meet its clients exactly where they are — so Josh Weiss, Logic’s Director of Operations and Security, wanted to integrate chat into the company’s customer support workflow. 

Josh says he hoped to use chat to solve two customer experience challenges:

  1. Client expectations: Logic’s clients wanted to get quick answers without getting on the phone or sending an email. 
  2. Time to resolution: Service tickets often stayed open simply because they couldn’t reach people who were usually out working in the field. 

To remedy these issues, Josh tried out chat solutions like LogMeIn Rescue chat, and MSPIC, but neither functioned adequately. When he discovered Thread, he immediately knew it was what he had been looking for. 

“People are used to chat, so we needed a way to offer it. Thread solves the essential pain point of getting to people right where they work and helping them ASAP.” – Josh Weiss, Director of Operations and Security at Logic


Thread’s automations improve workflows for techs and clients

With Thread, Logic has seen improvements in efficiency and overall workflow. Here’s what their team loves about the Thread platform: 

  1. Thread’s Magic AI: Logic used to grapple with inconsistent time entries, but Thread’s AI has fully automated that process. It also handles ticket notes for techs. 
  2. Real-time collaboration: Logic technicians can talk to clients in the moment, which makes their jobs far more straightforward. 
  3. Consistency for the end user: Thread’s regimented ticketing ensures that clients and techs experience organized processes. 

Yohan Ruparatne, Logic’s Founder and President, says clients like the chat function so much that it’s become a differentiator for Logic during client outreach. When he mentions that their chat function integrates with Teams and Slack, it gives them an edge. 

Yohan also appreciates that Thread was exceptionally willing to collaborate to ensure they were comfortable with every aspect of the platform. They were able to test the chat function internally before releasing it to their clients, which resulted in a smooth rollout. Since then, the Thread team has remained available to Logic via Slack Connect. 

“People love hearing that our Chat function integrates with Teams and Slack. Working with Thread has literally set us apart from our competitors.” – Yohan Ruparatne, Founder and President at Logic



Logic improves time to ticket response by 65% with Thread

Working with Thread has eliminated the hassle of scheduling real-time communication between techs and end users. They’re also free from constant follow-ups to see whether tickets have been resolved.

In fact, Logic’s same-day close rate has increased for tickets using the real-time collaboration enabled by Thread. Logic has two dedicated chat techs whose work lightens the load for their entire team. Take a look at the numbers:

  • 86% same-day close rate
  • 12% increase in efficiency
  • 132% return-on-investment
  • 65% improved time to response
Logic looks forward to continuing to increase their efficiency and further streamline operations with Thread. 


“We now see an 86% same-day close rate. That increase is due to the real-time collaboration between the end user and the technician with Thread’s frictionless user experience.” – Yohan Ruparatne, Founder and President at Logic

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