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Why service experience?

Connect the right people at the right time to make service magic.

Serv·ice Mag·ic /ˈsərvəs majik/

The act of making service requests disappear at ludicrous speeds. Typically causes customers to jump with joy.


Tickets disconnect people.

Tickets are for waiting, not for working.

Tickets creates distance between customers and service desks in an attempt to manage the queue. When it is time to bring people together, the ticket simply doesn’t have the tools to do so.



1Tickets are terrible for communicating

Most communication happens on the phone, email and now on collaboration software. The ticket is something that is manually updated based on the conversation and misses the majority of the context.

3Escalating issues with tickets is highly manual

Resolving issues that are escalating in complexity or in priority is a team sport. The question is “who can help?” and the ticket has no idea. Manually go through standard operating procedures and try to call people until you find someone who can help.

2Teams struggle to manage tickets

Tickets have to go into a queue which is difficult to map to service teams. One queue and many teams, you have consistency but can’t see what’s important. One queue per team, and you can’t keep the teams in sync. Queues are bad for service.

4Sharing tickets across companies is expensive

Tickets are siloed in each companies internal ticketing system. When you want to share tickets with other companies, you have to use more software to synchronize ticketing systems. It’s fragile at best.

Introducing Service Experience

Multi-player service, enabled.

Thread connects your service team and customers in threads that bridge communications channels.

Users can now have a conversation with the best tech for each request, without ever leaving their workflow.



Service Experience Pillars



Threads power real time & rich communication. They enable you to meet customers where they are. Works with Chat, Phone & Email!



Dedicated teams for  customers brings the highest customer happiness and the best margins, every time.



Connecting the right people at the right time unlocks ingenuity and solves any issue fast.



All IT is Co-Managed and is a shared responsibility of the customer & the provider. Sharing is caring.


Get started with Thread today.

Unlock an unfair advantage for your IT business.