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Your team’s new superpower.

Be your most productive self with inbox just for MSPs.
Provide better service, faster.

Introducing the most collaborative service experience ever.

Manage your tickets in one universal inbox, built for MSPs.
Scale your support and resolve service requests faster.



Power up your productivity

with shortcuts.

Save time and work smarter, not harder with keyboard shortcuts to assign, change status, start timer and many more!




Resolve service requests faster with Channels

Create channels and define flows of which tickets go where. You can have channels per team, project or type of customers.



Integrate with all of your IT apps and keep Slack and Teams in sync

Connect your favorite apps and launch actions, directly integrated into your workflow.

More solutions


Service your customers love.

With a live chat that keeps the conversation going, no matter where your customers are.

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The secret to getting work done.

Workflow connects your apps and works in the background, so you don’t have to.

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Get started with Thread today.

Unlock an unfair advantage for your IT business.