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How Interlaced reduced their response time by 74% with Thread

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Learn how Interlaced leverages Thread’s dynamic chat tool, ticket routing, and Magic AI assistant to elevate their client services and improve their employee experience. 

  • 177% increase in tickets created via chat over 5 months
  • 30% time savings for administrative work
  • 5% increase in gross profit margin
  • 74% faster response time  

“Thread’s integrations have been a CX game-changer for our clients, and its queue management, automation, and routing are ideal for our technicians and operations teams. The icing on the cake? Their conversational AI allows our teams to spend more time serving our clients and less on busy work." – Jeff Gaines, CEO at Interlaced


About provides B2B technology solutions and IT services across the US. Built to solve the common tech challenges startups face, Interlaced is the go-to IT partner helping startups scale.


Interlaced wanted omnichannel customer comms with a personal touch

Interlaced aims to communicate with its clients directly and meaningfully. Evan Dumouchel, Interlaced’s VP of Operations, says he wants clients to use contact methods that are best for them, whether that’s Slack, Teams, Zoom, etc. However, ConnectWise lacked the native tooling to make this happen, so communicating with clients in real time was difficult. 

Many of Interlaced’s industry peers send emails and use routing trees, but Jeff Gaines, Interlaced’s CEO, says he wasn’t interested in such antiquated, impersonal systems. The Interlaced team worked on Slack, but using that app on its own created a data silo. Interlaced couldn’t easily reference a history of response times or tickets on other platforms.

Then, they found Thread on the ConnectWise marketplace. They could tell the platform was the perfect way to serve their clients while also capturing all service requests and ticketing history — a true omnichannel solution. 


“There was no native tool on ConnectWise that allowed us to communicate with our clients effectively, in real-time, on the systems they wanted to use. We were hunting for a unicorn of a tool to fix this need.” – Evan Dumouchel, VP of Operations at Interlaced


Using Thread, Interlaced chats with customers in any environment (with an AI assist when needed)

Thread made the onboarding process incredibly easy for Interlaced. It took just 10 minutes for the team to roll out Thread to their own clients. Evan especially appreciated that Thread was willing to white-label all its tools from day one.

During the onboarding process, Interlaced learned that chat just scratches the surface of Thread’s functionality. Thread also offers queue management, automation, routing, and a conversational AI tool.

Magic is powerful AI that helps Interlaced focus on the most critical client messages and answer questions faster. Also, easy insights from conversation summaries to auto-time entries free up higher-level resources so the team can work on more complex issues.

These additional tools helped Interlaced keep its promise as the approachable tech partner that delivers information to clients in an easy-to-understand way. Now, Interlaced’s team chats with clients on demand — on whatever platform they prefer. They use Thread to:

  • Automatically route tickets to different channels.
  • Continue conversations with customers in any chat environment.
  • Collaborate with colleagues on the back end to give clients the best answer.

“Meeting clients where they are is super important for us. It allows us to live up to our promise of being approachable and friendly while delivering the information that we need to in a manner they can digest.” Mallory Randall, Director of Marketing at Interlaced



Using Thread increased Interlaced’s gross profit margin by 5%

Adding Thread to its processes supercharged Interlaced’s user experience. Thanks to the way Thread presents ticket history, Interlaced improved its response time by 74%.

Thread also removed the challenges that normally come with ticketing systems because the platform is less cumbersome and easier to navigate. This had the added benefit of an improved employee experience, which, in turn, bolstered retention. This change is underscored by Magic - Thread's AI assistant for MSP tech teams - which also decreased delays in ticket responses.

Take a look at the results:

  • 177% increase in tickets created via chat over 5 months
  • 30% time savings for administrative work
  • 5% increase in gross profit margin
  • 74% faster response time

Interlaced is hyped to continue working with Thread. Their Director of Marketing, Mallory Randall, says she never feels that her opinions are going out into the ether — Thread’s executive team always implements their requests. She says Thread is dedicated to continuing to build solutions that optimize Interlaced’s experience. 

“Using Thread has allowed us to focus on serving our clients better, faster, and more efficiently. We can be sure that ticketing is taken care of and work on our mission, which is helping our clients focus on their individual missions and do incredible things in the world.”Mallory Randall, Director of Marketing at Interlaced

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