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How Thread x CloudRadial Removes Friction and Reduces Resolution Times


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CloudRadial is the fastest-growing client services automation (CSA) platform, designed specifically for MSPs. Teams can turn to CloudRadial’s suite of solutions — from automated QBRs to smart ticketing to end-user training — within one seamless, white-labeled portal. 

In our second session with Jeff Farris, President & CEO of CloudRadial, we dive deep on:

  1. Why MSPs win by pairing CloudRadial and Thread
  2. How Thread cuts down on ticket resolution times
  3. The partnership’s outsized ROI on decreasing friction

“Through integrations like CloudRadial and Thread, MSPs can really scale their engagement maturity for simpler, faster client interactions. Friction removed is just money in everybody’s pocket.” 


Why MSPs Win By Pairing CloudRadial and Thread

MSPs simply cannot deliver effective, high-touch client engagement without the right tech. 

That’s why Thread and CloudRadial launched our ecosystem partnership and integration: to provide MSPs with the best real-time, streamlined client service tooling. 

According to Jeff, while CloudRadial is able to provide data 24/7 and automate ticketing, they lacked the functionality for resolving client inquiries in real time. 

Enter: Thread. 

“This is where Thread really enhances the CloudRadial platform. Thread can make it appear as if the MSP service team is sitting at the desk next to yours, providing real-time help. It’s really powerful.” 



How Thread Cuts Down on Ticket Resolution Times

For Jeff, Thread’s emphasis on AI and automation is key to CloudRadial’s search for efficient ways to minimize time to ticket resolution. 

While time to resolution has historically been speedy over phone and email, he affirms these two are ultimately antiquated and inefficient service mediums. 

This is for two major reasons: 

  1. Standard ticketing is low-fidelity — Standard ticketing as we know it (queue a request, process it, then start all over if data is incomplete) is inefficient. Unfortunately, most PSA pioneers built within this system to address MSP ticketing. 
  2. Ticketing info is unreliable — Ticket data often comes across as garbled or obscured. And even if it comes in clean, it’s usually still incomplete. 

As such, CloudRadial has doubled down on features like dynamic forms to beef up service inquiries as much as possible. 

Meanwhile, live modes like chat are hugely beneficial for both MSPs and their clients, since they notably cut down resolution times. 

Looking forward, Jeff is amped to bring CloudRadial’s form tech into Thread’s interface and the broader ecosystem. “That will be huge,” he tells us. 

After all, having direct access to a client’s comms environment doesn’t just enable real-time engagement. It also enables MSPs to gather all the necessary internal context to provide the most informed solutions. 

Friction Removed = More Money in Everyone’s Pocket

Overall, Jeff considers the CloudRadial-Thread duo a win for efficiency on every front. 

Two of these include: 

  1. Faster, easier resolutions for both MSP and client — CloudRadial’s automation streamlines ops and reduces lift on routine service inquiries (i.e., onboarding users or ordering new software). This also aids with cost of labor concerns. 
  2. Little-to-no cost of adoption — Thread allows both MSPs and clients to continue using their existing comms stack. “It’s a super powerful solution for clients to be able to work the way they want to work,” Jeff explains. 

“When you add CloudRadial to Thread, resolution times should plummet.” 


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