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How Interlaced - LA Streamlined Ticket Bottlenecks with Thread’s Slack-Embedded Service App


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Interlaced is a holistic IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) that delivers enterprise-quality IT for the media and entertainment industries. 

Evan Dumouchel, VP and GM of Interlaced's LA office, sat down with our team to unpack:

  1. How Thread improves Interlaced’s end-customer experience
  2. Moving away from ticket-laden bottlenecks and service requests
  3. The value in a white-glove partner that scales alongside your team

“As an engineer, I know we need tickets, logging, and databases to effectively communicate with our clients. As a human operating in 2022, I want the modern convenience of instant answers when I need them. Having a system like Thread that can marry those two things is necessary.” 


How Thread Tangibly Improves the End-User Experience

For Interlaced, user experience is non-negotiable. 

In fact, one of their core values is to make sure their technology improves the lives of both clients and teams. Thread allows Interlaced to directly elevate the support experience.

And, Interlaced’s customers love using Thread.

"Our team loves the ease of submitting support tickets and the visibility to their communication thread. In a fast-paced work environment, Thread has helped employees seek technical support earlier instead of waiting until their issue is unavoidable. Great addition to any growing organization.” - Jess Werner, Chief of Staff - Beach House Group


 Evan attributes this customer satisfaction to two distinct factors: 

  1. Thread keeps all tickets and conversations on record and makes them searchable
  2. Thread helps MSP support teams focus on delivering solutions — not ticket routing

Thread’s Records Make It Easy to Troubleshoot

In Evan’s words, troubleshooting often feels like searching for a needle in a haystack. You’re trying to pinpoint what’s changed within your tech environment. 

This can be brutal to attempt with an email and–even worse–in a one-off SMS or an unintegrated chat-based request to an individual tech from a client. 

Meanwhile, Thread loops every support conversation into Interlaced's ticketing system. As such, reviewing an old ticket or chat is as easy as searching your Inbox

"You're able to use Thread forensically for helpful information," Evan explains. “Resolving a client issue can be as simple as scrolling back to find info from a previous exchange.” 


Clients also love seeing a list of their open tickets every time they access Interlaced’s custom Microsoft Teams or Slack app. This enables two more perks: 

  1. Clients get real-time, personalized follow-ups from the Interlaced team
  2. They often work with Interlaced reps who’ve assisted them in the past, fostering a sense of familiarity and white-glove service without opening a way around your support funnel

Thread Enables Reps to Streamline Ticket Bottlenecks

Before Thread, the assigned technical point of contact for an Interlaced client would open up their inbox and see requests from up to 200 users. They’d immediately be flooded by tickets, forcing them to start routing requests to clean up the workspace. 

This created bottlenecks, preventing client teams from focusing on their actual jobs. Today, Evan says Thread has been a huge contributor to alleviating that pressure. 

Thread enables MSPs to provide support directly within clients’ existing Slack and Teams environments. By restructuring Interlaced’s support workflow, their points of contact can focus on actually delivering the best client experience possible — not routing tickets. 

"With Thread, clients can easily reach out for support. There's virtually no client hesitation, which [happens] when someone doesn't know whom to talk to or doesn't feel like picking up the phone or sending an email." 


Working with Thread’s White-Glove, Embedded Team

For a positive B2B SaaS experience, the leadership at any vendor company demonstrates: 

  1. The skills and knowledge needed to create the best tooling in their category
  2. The dedication to collaborating with users and creating the best CX possible

In Evan's opinion, the Thread team stands out on both fronts. 

He describes us as “extremely open to listening” and “extremely helpful” in explaining Thread’s development, responding to client needs and feedback, and introducing new ways to optimize the Interlaced support experience. 

If he messages about a use case or specific product functionality, he can expect a response within 20 minutes. Ultimately, Evan looks forward to continuing to grow alongside Thread. 

After all, the tech is scalable, while the team is clearly invested in the success of both Interlaced and Interlaced’s client pool. 

“Everybody on the Thread team is willing to roll up their sleeves to make it the best product possible. In my experience, working with them has been awesome.” 


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