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Say goodbye to tickets
hello to threads.

Provide service where your customers are, inside of Slack, Teams, mobile or desktop. So they can start new threads from anywhere and any time.



Meet your customers
where they work.

In a world where seamless experiences are the expectation, why should your MSP service be any different?

Empower your customers to chat with you right from Microsoft Teams or Slack, all while integrating with Connectwise or Autotask.

Go multi-player mode with
real-time mentions.

Ask questions, swap knowledge, coordinate replies, and nudge teammates for attention with Mentions for Teammates.

Real-time collaboration makes it easy to speed up your resolution time for nuanced, harder-to-answer asks.


Magical service experiences with Magic AI

Every minute counts for your MSP. With AI, say goodbye to tedious manual entries and duplicated tasks.

Magic AI makes your life easier by doing all the things you hate. Like automatically writing your time entries. Powered by the famous OpenAI.


gross profit margin improvement


of end users who chat once will never call or email again


Decrease in Time to resolution

1h /day

Saved for your technicians

Be part of the team, not just a service provider.


Streamline your service & cut down on time-to-resolution.


 Get notified on any new request.

Escalate urgent issues to the right person in the right team.

  Automate your most common requests.



Transparent updates, so customers are never left in the dark.


 Get updates on the fly.

  Available anywhere your customer is chatting now.

  Less worries and less work interuptions.



What people love about Thread


“Thread could be a gateway to tons of organizational information — not just related to IT. It’s revolutionary, and we want to be part of that journey with them.”
“As a PSA consultant, I truly believe that Thread holds the key to the future of customer service for MSPs. Its seamless communication capabilities enable MSPs to provide unparalleled support, build trust, and streamline operations.”
“Integrated chat is the future of providing the best possible service delivery – especially for MSPs looking to cut costs and increase profit margins.”
"Our team loves the ease of submitting support tickets and the visibility to their communication thread. It has helped employees seek technical support earlier instead of waiting until their issue is unavoidable. Great addition to any growing organization."
"Thread really enhances the CloudRadial platform. Thread can make it appear as if the MSP service team is sitting at the desk next to yours, providing real-time help. It’s really powerful."
"In addition to response time being cut down, the feeling of "Hey, I feel supported" went up exponentially. Problems get resolved faster. We’ve seen massive efficiency improvements since rolling this out. Our people are much happier!"

Get started with Thread today.

Unlock an unfair advantage for your IT business.