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Streamline support workflows with ConnectWise Automate actions in Thread

Equip your MSP service team with Thread x ConnectWise Automate and harness the power of RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) directly in-conversation.

1. Contextual chat improves CSAT: Integrating Thread x Automate equips MSP service teams with the data and tooling they need,  where they need it — real-time conversations. Knowing who each user is in their particular context at that exact moment gives your team operational leverage, enabling faster issue resolution and a more efficient service, and equips them with the data they need to personalize every interaction.

By offering instant support through embedded chat, clients can get immediate help from IT technicians, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

2. Enhanced collaboration = faster time to resolution: The integration of chat and RMM solutions can foster better communication and collaboration among IT technicians, improving their ability to work together to resolve complex issues. Thread x Connectwise Automate helps IT technicians quickly identify, diagnose, and resolve technical issues without having to manage separate tools. A single platform where both chat and RMM functionalities are integrated can lead to better organizational efficiency, allowing the IT service provider to streamline their operations and reduce response times.

3. Efficient resource allocation = reduced support costs: With access to Automate data in-thread, IT service providers can more effectively allocate their resources, ensuring that technicians work on tasks that are most critical to clients. By consolidating multiple tools into a single-stream solution, Thread partners reduce their overall support costs and increase productivity.

4. Scalability = competitive advantage: Integrating embedded chat with RMM solutions allows managed IT service providers to easily scale their services to accommodate growing client demand without sacrificing the quality of their support. Offering a seamless, integrated IT support experience can set a managed IT service provider apart from competitors, helping to attract and retain clients in a competitive market.

With Thread's launch of Service CoPilot, collaborative AI for MSP service teams, automated time entry and auto-prioritization features will free technicians from administrative overhead so they can focus on critical, user-facing tasks.


  • Use Slack straight from ConnectWise Automate

  • Use Teams straight from ConnectWise Automate

  • Use Rocket Chat straight from ConnectWise Automate

Supercharge your team with Thread

Build workflows to match the way your company works. Choose which Boards send notifications to which channels. Have an incident board.


In addition to response time being cut down, the feeling of "Hey, I feel supported" went up exponentially.

Problems get resolved faster. We’ve seen massive efficiency improvements since rolling this out.

Our people are much happier!

Jason Vickers 

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