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New. Old. Thread.

Say hello to Thread XP

Dial up real clarity for your Service team 🌐


Thread XP merges simplicity and physicality.

Featuring 56k dialup audio to increase the graynoise feel, modals that put you in the driver's seat, and an interface that says goodbye to over-design, we reimagined every corner of Inbox.

Request your CD-ROM today for unlocked possibilities tomorrow.

Tailored alerts in a completely original design.

No one out-modals Thread.

Notifications are re-redesigned from scratch to be dragged and even dropped. Organize them up and down, or place them side to side. Pop-ups cascade into view with a snake formation that’s effortless and familiar.

Plain-speak audio alerts like YOU’VE GOT MAIL grab your attention on your time. Cordial greetings like WELCOME help you enter a productivity oasis.

Thread alerts let you chart your own path. 


Freedom in the palm of your hand.

Stack them on top of each other. Exchange them with a friend. Overnight ship them across the world. Your unfair Service advantage now fits in your coat pocket.

The Thread XP CD-ROM works where you work.

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Unlock an unfair advantage for you IT business.